Why we use cork leather

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Thanks to its honeycomb structure, cork is highly abrasion resistant and has a high friction coefficient. That's why cork is a go-to material even for NASA.

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The processing of cork only requires water, no toxic chemicals and consequently no pollution. Cork forests absorb 14.7 tons of CO2 per hectare and provide habitat for thousands of species of rare and endangered species.

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Soft and Light

The softness of cork is one of its' best characteristics. With over 50% of it's volume being air, one of the biggest advantages of cork is its' lightness.

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Cork leather is made from the bark of Cork Oaks. Harvesting the bark does not harm the tree, on the contrary, the removal of sections of the bark stimulates regeneration which extends the life of a tree by up to 300 years.

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Water Resistant

Unlike leather, cork leather is impermeable, it will not absorb moisture, odour or dust and it will not need to have natural oils replaced.

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